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    In the film Wargames

    Matthew Broderick playing "David Lightman"

    He used a IMSAI 8080, which had less cpu horsepower than a Furby.

    Why was it cool?? maybe I am the only person here old enough to remember, but the film proved very prophetic. Not long after it's release the US "lost" a multi million $ spy satellite.
    When they "found" it, it was many miles off course and being used by 2 teenage kids for free phone calls from Europe (where the one lived), to the US (where the other lived).
    And they did it all with a cheap and nasty Tandy TRS computer with a measly few kB of RAM.
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      1. Where would you find the WOPR? In NORAD (Cheyenne Mountain)
      2. Who hacked into it and with what computer? David Lightman (Played by Mathew Broderick in the movie)
      3. The tie breaker.. Why was this film cool? WarGames was cool because I was a kid at the time


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        1. WOPR is located in NORAD (Cheyenne Mountain)
        2. Mathew Broderick who played David Lightman in the movie WarGames used a IMSAI computer to hack into it
        3. This film showed a generation of kids that computers were cool.
        Even today the USA still can't stop someone hacking into their top security systems.
        It shows that no matter how sophisticated the software is, there is always a loophole in the program.
        I would just like to make it clear that I am NOT, NOR have I ever been a hacker


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          I consider this movie quite win so for extra credit I have included images to go with my answers, in 720p no less!

          Originally posted by Aria View Post
          1. Where would you find the WOPR?
          The WOPR was the War Operation Plan Response Computer and was found in NORAD.

          Originally posted by Aria View Post
          2. Who hacked into it and with what computer?
          A teenager called David hacked into the WOPR using the password "Joshua" on a computer called the IMSAI 8080.

          Originally posted by Aria View Post
          3. The tie breaker.. Why was this film cool?
          For a start it had a giant computer built by NORAD themselves, yet it managed to fool all of them into thinking that there really was a Global Thermonuclear War. Not to mention it made "hacking" as a concept a lot more mainstream and opened the way for other cult classics like "Hackers" itself.

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            N.O.R.A.D the super computer
            David Lightman with his amazing IMSAI 8080
            its cool because every child is now scared to play any form of online game as they might just end the world.
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              Originally posted by clemos View Post
              1) NORAD.
              2) Mathew Broderick (David Lightman) with an IMSIA Micro computer.
              3) It was cool because it inspired people to gethacking! testing the security of networks.

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                10pm deadline is well past marking competiton closed
                I am not losing weight! I'm getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again!

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                  Some splendid answers! Well done to all!

                  Noteworthy are:

                  Clunk for amusement
                  zaz for the philosophical slant
                  wuyanxu for championing the geek
                  Ezyryder for getting a computer out of it - nice blag!
                  InvaderGIR is a very close second..

                  Peter wins for the effort and the coolness of answers


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                    Well done Peter


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                        Fair play, congrats Peter! Good work
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                          Congrats Peter though.
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                            Originally posted by InvaderGIR View Post

                            Congrats Peter though.
                            You were a worthy adversary!

                            Cheers guys.
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