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  • ***CLOSED*** Thursday Afternoon Competition * Winner * mark22 *

    Quick start for this afternoon:

    It seems everyone enjoyed the earlier competition so here is another one... I have interrogated the Tech team for some info

    We got a motherboard back.... Upon inspection the chipset heatpipes had been cut off with a pair of pliers. When questioned, what reason did the customer give for doing this?

    a) they were in the way.
    b) thought they were unnecessary.
    c) they were too hot so it would be better to get rid of them.
    d) thought you were supposed to do that as it looked like a model kit.

    Prize is one of these:

    Answers in by 10pm!

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    C sounds like a good idea, lol.

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      Lol nothing suprises me it has to be A.

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        i'd say c lol

        but all make me chuckle
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          D seems to be the most logical thing to do and why wouldn't you, whats so wrong with doing that?


          • #6
            The Answer Is C


            • #7
              I really want it to be C!

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                I'll go with C
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                  id say "D" lol


                  • #10
                    I will go for B why no one has said it


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                      i'd go with a
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                        d) thought you were supposed to do that as it looked like a model kit!


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                          c) they were too hot so it would be better to get rid of them.

                          they are all plausible so im guessing this one
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                            hahaha! What a great prize for this question! Y'know, I might have to remove my Fenrir and purchase a smaller cooler so I can use my RAM properly again.

                            Anyway, this one is slightly harder than the previous comp because there are two likely answers, A or C.

                            I'm going to go with A, because it's the sort of thing my brother would do.

                            You can only really expect a company to honour a return request if the product returned is still in original condition. Or at least in its original shape/pieces!

                            But if I'm right and Excel picks me, let someone else have it. I'm only entering for fun to see if I'd get it right.

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                              C is my guess
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