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25 years of the World Wide Web Competition!!! winner ***SARKY***

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  • ***CLOSED*** 25 years of the World Wide Web Competition!!! winner ***SARKY***

    Evening guys,

    To celebrate 25 years of the World Wide Web, we are giving away a prize worth 100

    To enter

    1. Copy and Paste the URL of the items you want to spend your 100 on.


    2. Add a brief paragraph of how the internet has improved your daily life. Get creative! The office favourite will win the store credit!
    Originally posted by Aaron
    I want those sweet cherries

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    The internet has helped me release how well connected my Mum is and how many she apparently knows quite well!


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      I'd probably put it towards

      Pictures of cats.

      Need I say more?
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        The internet literally supplies my every need!
        Work - I am a software tester, I have been paid to make sure websites work to spec.
        Leisure - I have 'gaming' mates from around the EU! I met them playing games then epic Real life roadtrips and much beer to see them for real!
        Love - Skype allowed me and my German Mrs to keep in contact before she moved to the UK.
        Food - From Pizza to random Asian food from online supermarkets and chocalte covered crickets the internet has provided it all
        Knowledge - EG how to get a dormouse handling licence


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          probably this

          The internet means I can stay in contact with all the friends I made in Canada, and arrange things when I can afford to go over there.
          It means I can also stay in contact with my tech-savvy grandpa for photoshop tips etc
          It also gives me forums like this


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            The internet have improved my life in oh so many ways. Much of my work is done via the internet. Previously I was able to work from home effectively. It's can help settle arguments very quickly! Information which previously one had to go into a library to find, is only a couple of clicks away. Shopping via the internet makes everything faster and more enjoyable. Finding reviews/information on products takes seconds. The internet has changed the way I watch TV or films via online content delivery, fast internet has changed the quality of these video streams. It has changed the way I buy and play computer games and how I listen to music. To be without the internet now would be like having power or water cut off. I would not be able to function without.
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              The internet. What can I say, I was 14 when this thing started and now it is mental, I used to go outside lol. I have to say it makes life so easy with shopping, bills, emails etc. It also has it's downsides to cyber bulleying with people killing themselves etc, everything is now online in a second, this I don't find a bad thing, it has changed the way media is and no doubt will do forever. It makes me wonder were it is going and were it will end, probably with a big boom. I hope so coz bill gates will be as rich as me if it does lol.

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                The internet has given us many many things, including nasty viruses, more government snooping and worst of all, in-app purchases. However, the internet has also given us many great things - such as Aria, and the Aria Forums. It has made shopping easier and cheaper for everyone, it has enabled collaboration and innovation on a scale never seen before, it has allowed the world of open-source to thrive. It's biggest accolade, in my opinion, is enabling free speech for the masses - to let voices be heard by millions within seconds. I could list a thousand and one reasons, and while I don't have any great stories to share, I can say that we're better with it then we are without.


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                  I'd put it towards a new GPU - with a decent cooler
                  Probably this one :

                  Finding it interesting how "The Internet" and "The World Wide Web" are synonymous amongst most people. For me, the biggest change has been the amazing dissemination of knowledge, leading up to the recent trend of various universities offering up lecture notes and courses for free

                  Online shopping is nice, but we now live in an age where you can learn practically anything from cooking tips to keeping snails to quantum field theory from the comfort of your own home! Good times!

                  Oh yes, and I met the wife on an internet dating site
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                    EDIT: Didn't really nail the question too well.

                    On a personal level, the internet has been the focus of much of my childhood having made over 10,000 posts collaboratively over forums. It's taught me skills that I simply wouldn't otherwise have. In fact, looking back almost every interest and hobby I have would trace back to discovering it online. I can honestly say that without the internet, I would likely be an entirely different person, which really shows just what effect the internet does have on people. The internet has provided me endless hours of online gaming, teamed up with Teamspeak allowing me to talk to friends from all over the world. But really, above all else, the internet has given me pictures of cats and doge, and when you lie down and contemplate everything life has thrown at you it suddenly becomes apparent that everything is meaningless - all you need is cat gifs and doge.


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                      I would put my money towards an MSI 280x to match my mobo

                      The internet has made my spare time so much more enjoyable. Watching YouTube videos has made me laugh, learn and even think at times! I also can't imagine the amount of money the internet has saved me by using online retailers! (especially Aria *shameless plug*). I also live away from my family and the internet is great for letting me catch up with them and seeing how everyone's getting on on Facebook. Oh, and GIFs, gotta love GIFs!
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                        2. boobs.
                        Originally posted by coiler
                        He'll have the local FBI round his house with all that hash!
                        Originally posted by BigIan88
                        turn off that sexy nonsense
                        Originally posted by Salad Soup
                        turns out if you touch a stripper too much and try and get back in after being kicked out, they dont like that!


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                          because it looks perfect to fit on my board.

                          The internet firstly got me on Diablo, then World of Warcraft, in turn kept me out of the boozer and ultimately to where I am today (spending my evening watching football playing about on the internet).


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                            The internet has saved me from a certain death by boredom. I'm now a full time carer for my partner so I'm kind of housebound as well as my partner as I'm needed for everything. The internet gives me a little bit of an escape from my real life, life. I don't regret any of it, I've got 4 beautiful kids and a partner that appreciates and loves me. I'm the richest bloke here tbh

                            I'd also love to see it a little better so I'd spend the money on a bigger monitor as I gave away mine.

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                              Ooooo, what would I choose? I have two things in mind. I want to convert my tiny HTPC in to a bigger case with more storage capacity but I also want a larger SSD.

                              I am a bit of a Corsair fanboi, so I think I would probably go for this:


                              Plus some extra HDD space, clearly this goes over, 100 but it'd be a huge help.

                              As for the internet...well, where do I start? A good place would be that I wouldn't have a job, or rather, I would more than likely be doing something completely different! I work in Online Marketing, so without the internet, my job would not actually exist! I would probably be a console gamer as computer shops in Edinburgh are AWFUL. Without the internet, I probably wouldn't know Aria existed in Manchester and I wouldn't be typing this now. I would likely still be trawling bushes for discarded "arty" magazines, if you know what I mean I probably would have had fewer relationships, given my reliance on online dating in my younger days. My musical taste would definitely not be as varied as it is now. On the plus side, I probably would be less overweight and much fitter
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