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Facebook Competitions are Back!

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  • ***OPEN*** Facebook Competitions are Back!

    Hi Guys,

    Those of you who use Facebook are in for a treat - those who don't I suggest you get involved!

    Each and EVERY Week we'll be picking ONE lucky Aria Facebook Member who will WIN a product from our Website up to the value of a massive 200!

    How to Enter?

    Look for the latest Aria posted Facebook Wall Post beginning with - This Week's Facebook Competition

    LIKE us (if you haven't already) on Facebook. Click HERE to go to our Facebook Page.
    SHARE the Aria posted Facebook Wall Post to qualify. Failure to do so will void your entry!

    Only REPLY to the Wall Post linking to what product you want FREE from our Website up to the value of 200 inc. VAT & Delivery - just the one item only.

    Each Monday we'll announce the winner on Facebook and you'll be sent your FREE item within the next 7-10 working days.

    Good Luck all!

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    Thats an unbelievable give away mate!


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      Yeh awesome comp


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        Awesome! I'll have to find something worthwhile! Can we choose something over 200 and pay the difference, or is it strictly limited to 200 or less?


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          Great giveaway, shame I don't like sharing my nerdiness to my friends otherwise I would participate!
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            Now this is great. Excellent competition mate. If you select a item that's currently OOS do you still qualify to win? or does the item have to be in stock?
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              I was wondering about that for the Corsair 180GB SSD...


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                Amazing giveaway, but as always i have not won anything in my entire life


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                  Stunning comp!
                  Originally posted by Aaron
                  I want those sweet cherries


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                    Are CPU+ Mobo Combos allowed?


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                      ^ I reckon an Aria bundle would count as one choice but I'm not 100% sure.

                      Fantastic Giveaway guys - I've Shared it with my Facepeeps..
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                        Just to be clear - presuming one of us wins, if we get free delivery through the forum, do we need to manually add on the delivery cost to the price of the item or would our delivery 'cost' automatically be what it shows in our shopping basket, which would be zero?

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                          Facebook Comps are back, great work Shared and Liked.


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                            shared and linkied mouse is next on my "hit-list" of computer parts to upgrade.
                            gradually working my way through a whole new build but aiming to finish up with Mobo, CPU and GPU in the next month..


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                              Would I be able to ask for a 7850?
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